Funeral Flowers 2.0

Mark Hyde

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My mother in law recently passed away here in Miami, FL. Once the service concluded at the funeral home, we were informed that if we didn’t take the arrangements with us, they would be tossed in the garbage. My mother in law grew up during wartime & never ever wasted anything & her own funeral flowers would have been no exception. In honor of her & her memory, I took all the arrangements back to our home, picked them clean & then set out in the community with my trusty “Free Hugs” t-shirt to give them away to total strangers. I had 4 big buckets full & 30 single cup servings. In 30 minutes & 9 hugs later, they were all gone. Patsy ( my mother in law) would have been so proud. To further honor her, I reached back out to the funeral home to let them know that if they have have flowers that are going to be discarded, please call me first & I’ll pick them up & repurpose those as well to give away in the community.

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