Water-logging cripples port city dwellers life

Kazi Md. Jahirul Islam

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Incessant heavy shower throughout in every year rainy day coupled with high tide flooded most parts of Chittagong city in Bangladesh and caused havoc in the city dwellers' life. Life became paralyzed in the port city the roads and lanes were submerged deep water following heavy rains. The office going people and the students, faced untold sufferings to get to their destinations, as there were few vehicles in the inundated streets. In that time People using local boats in the waist-deep water on the city roads to reach offices, Many were forced to stay indoors. In Bangladesh during the monsoon, water rises in rivers and causes floods. Bangladesh faces this problem almost every year. There are various causes of floods. Heavy rainfall and melting of snow in the mountains mainly cause floods and another important cause is the silting of rivers.

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