The Nepali family of people queuing to cast their vote.

Thomas-Xavier Christiane

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Nepal is a country that went through a terrible civil war between 1996 and 2006. Since then, a peace treaty has been signed and reconciliation is in the work. This picture has been clicked in front of a polling station during the last election that took place because the country was at peace.

For this occasion, people from the most remote areas of the country travelled across mountains and summit to join the polling station. Altogether, they were queuing as member of the same family. Despite the different choices of society that had lead them to this station they would all celebrate the opportunity of expressing their vote.

This picture is the expression of the most basic form of kindness that can exist: living together as a society. It is very hard to imagine the challenges that are to overcome to be able to live together. But only with kindness here and there can societies exist.

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