Three art students skip class to paint an abandoned houseboat in Srinagar in Kashmir.

Thomas-Xavier Christiane

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Srinagar is the summer capital of the Indian-Administrated part of Kashmir. For more than 30 years, the region has been going through a series of cycles of death and destruction that left dozens of thousand dead and many disappeared. The conflict is not done yet and the wound opened are not closing and infecting in the population.

One day, I was on a bridge of Srinagar looking at the river when I saw these three students painting this boat. This was the only stuff outside that had colours in a city where everything has become grey. Without knowing it, these three girls had brought a place of peace back in this madness.

Kindness and compassion are also about giving oneself to the needs of others. These three students would probably have been more productive in their class but they decided to take risks to bring some colours in people's life. Such acts can be contagious....

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