'This Ability' Called Kindness...

Lloyd Ericson Rodriguez

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The "Munting Tahanan ng Nazareth" in Mabalacat City, Pampanga is a shelter for kids who suffer from poorness and/or special physical and mental needs. The kids are either surrendered or abandoned by their families and loved ones but when our non-profit organization called "Acts of Love Community" visited the place for an outreach empowerment, all of us never saw any sense of disability from any of the kids.

They were all engaging and active. They were sweet and expressive of their joy for our presence. They even prepared song and dance numbers for us.

We were all left in awe as we witnessed some of the kids assisting the others during the meal we prepared for them. Some also served as older brothers and sisters to the younger ones; became the hands and legs of those who can't carry themselves already; became the eyes of those who need assistance and guidance.

Personally, I thought our team will be the one who will be giving them gifts but it seemed to turn out the other way around because it was whom I believe received more --- the heartwarming experience of empathizing with the life they are living in and the great lesson that when in comes to empowering the spirit of kindness, everyone is able!

(Note: I was given the permission (verbal in nature) by the caregivers of the shelter to take photos during our visit and share the frames in all forms so to introduce the purpose of the shelter and may be encourage more donors and sponsors for the needs of the kids. Hence, I sent this photo to the competition.)

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