Fatou N'Dei - Kabadio Village - South Senegal - Casamance

Daniel Leite

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'The rain shower'

Fatou is one of the happiest children in the village. During the rainy season I crossed with what, today, I perceive to be the synonym of happiness. Watching Fatou next to the other children playing in the torrential rain of the Casamance was a real treat.

This and other images are part of a humanitarian project for the NGO PERMAKABADIO. This NGO works for the development of Permaculture in the village of Kabadio. Teaching new techniques around the local agriculture and above all rescuing in the young the interest the practices of the past. Nowadays one of the main problems of the village is the rural Exodus - the young people of Kabadio are illegally immigrating to Europe. The objective of the NGO Permakabadio is to rescue the interest of these young people in the practices of the past. Being proud of your ancestry and feeling part of society will make these young people stay in the village.
for a better knowledge abour PERMAKABADIO; https://www.facebook.com/permakabadio/

In parallel to the permaculture project the NGO is taking an ambulance acquired in France to the village. We are currently raising funds to carry out this transportation.
To this day, the entire resource of the Kabadio photos has been destined for the village.
ps; A film about the village was made and released in 2016. The entire feature of the film was sent to the village and it ran more than 30 film festivals around the world.
For more knowledge about the film; https://www.facebook.com/kabadiofilme/

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