The Stream of Love


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Raju Thakur, 20, is a physically and mentally retarded boy being fed by his mother. Currently, I am working on a project based on those families of India whose daily income is less than 3 dollars (Below 200 rupees), having two or more children in each family, one of them being a physically or mentally retarded. More than half of their income goes behind the treatment and medicines of these children. Mothers have to spend their whole day taking their special care. They don't even have any scope of going out and earning some extra income. It's 15 to 20 years, that some of these mothers could not go out, leaving behind these special children as they are totally dependent on their mothers. These families don't even get any type of help from government. So, besides feeding their families, they themselves have to arrange for the medicines, treatment and other necessities of their physically or mentally retarded children, which is not at all easy for them. These families being financially very weak, and the medicinal cost being too high, many of the times they get cheated by some fraud people. Due to superstitions, these fraud people make them follow many irrelevant practices and make them believe that it will cure their child.But these families are ready to face all these difficulties with smiling faces just for the well being of their children. In their words, "It's difficult, but we are happy that at least our son or daughter is alive among us. We are really thankful to God for this."

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