Generous traditional lunch on a festive occasion in Kratovo, Macedonia

Iuliana Marchian

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Even though Macedonia is a small country, its nearly two-million inhabitants are some of the most generous and kind people I have ever met. Anytime you interact with a local, you are served with a strong Macedonian coffee right away.

I took this photo in the small town of Kratovo, where I encountered kindness at its peak. Stevce Donevschi (the owner of Ethno House Shanceva) and his wife Valentina invited me and two of my friends for an abundant lunch, with traditional Macedonian homemade dishes. They went beyond what we expected from a guest house owner and proved to us that the best things you get in life are for free.

Kindness is when you offer unconditionally and don't request anything in exchange. Kindness is when you intuitively know what others want and do your best to fulfill their needs. However, kindness doesn't need words to be felt and understood - a single gesture, a sincere smile, and a look into someone else's eyes it's enough to understand the power of kindness.

Stevce and Valentina didn't speak much English but we felt like home there. We tasted the most delicious dishes we wouldn't have found in any restaurant in Kratovo. You know its kindness is when you feel so good without explanation.

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Nice guest house (Posted 2019-07-04 05:29:42)

I remember you enthusiastically describing your stay at the Shancheva Ethno House of Stevce Donevschi. A unique experience.


Stevce from Kratovo (Posted 2019-07-03 12:42:51)

I wish someday I go there too!

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