Mahdi Bolourian

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This baby is born with closed eyes due to genetic problems. Her family and a group of people are collecting help for her treatment. I think this is kindness.

Aysel is the result of a relative marriage in accordance with old traditions of Turkmen. She is 5 years old and the youngest member of her family. Moreover, same as her sister, she's suffering from the problems of relative marriage. Turkmen people, who mainly live in Golestan province, a steel undergo read his marriage is just because of bigotry and ethnic compulsions. Unfortunately the consequence of such an event is plenty of empowered and rhetoric retarded children. According to international statistics, middle Eastern countries especially Iran is the first on such a list.
Aysel was born blind. There have been 3 surgeries on her eyes so far and now she has an imperfect eyesight. Doctors are hoping as she grows up, she'll get part of her eyesight.

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